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What is a Data Center? And Can India Become a Hub of the Data Center?

The data center features network computers computing infrastructure, and storage systems. These are used by the organizations to process, store and dissent vast amounts of information. In addition, a company mainly relies on the application services and data present in the data center. Therefore, it makes it a crucial asset for everyday operations.

Company data centers mainly offer facilities for protecting and securing cloud computing resources. Companies are turning to cloud computing. The boundaries between the cloud providers’ datacenters and enterprise data centers have become transparent.

What is the role of a data center?

Data centers are a crucial part of the enterprise designed to support the business applications and provide services like management data storage and backup. In addition, productivity applications like email also come under the data center.

Currently, there are more than 7,000,000 data centers available globally. Every business and government entity bills and maintain the data center or generally has access to someone else’s data center. Several options are available today, like renting servers or using data services managed by a 3rd party.

The working of a data center

A data center facility lets the company collect the resources and infrastructure for data processing, communications, and storage. It has features for storing, sharing and accessing, and processing data across the company. Gathering all the resources data center allows the company to protect the proprietary systems and data. But also centralized are the IIT and data processing employees, vendors, and contractors. In addition, it applies information security controls to the proprietary systems.

The importance of data center

Data centers are likely to support all the computation, network data storage, and business applications for the company. The business of a modern company is generally run on computers. Datacenters allow organizations to concentrate on the IT and data processing personal and computing facility security.

The main elements of data centers are as follows

  • The facility

It is where security access controls and the data structure infrastructure and equipment are placed.

  • Enterprise data storage

It is a modern data center that’s a House of the organization’s data system, which is well protected, and other servers and storage systems.

  • Support infrastructure

It provides the highest available sustainability related to the uptime elements of the support infrastructure.

The types of data centers

  • Enterprise datacenters

The proprietary data centers are mainly built and owned by the companies for internal use.

  • Managed services datacenters

The data centers provide all the elements of data for computing services.

  • Cloud-based data centers

The offside distributed data centers are generally managed by 3rd party or public providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. The minor infrastructure allows the companies to provision a virtual data center in no time.

  • Edge data centers

They are small facilities that are likely to solve the latency problem by being closer geographically to the network’s edge.

  • Hyperscale datacenters

They are synonyms for large-scale providers like meta Google and Amazon. They maximize the hardware density while minimizing the expenses of cooling.

Can India become the data center hub?

India’s data center industry is likely to grow. The center will revolve around Mumbai and Chennai thanks to the business and infrastructure advantages besides the strategic location that supports the growth. The Indian data center industry expansion is likely to be supported by the adoption of digital infrastructure. The adoption is mainly led by the pandemic, rising digital use, national Fiji rollout, and cloud consumption. By 2025 India’s digital transformation is expected to be one trillion. New areas, including healthcare logistics, agriculture, and others, coupled with the latest technologies, will lead to significant growth in data storage. The Indian data center industry will work like a backbone that allows India to emerge as a global hub.

In the Indian data center market, Mumbai and Chennai are expected to be the largest beneficiaries. The analysis highlights that India’s data center’s future depends on the colossal cities with ready access to cable landing stations. As a result, the data center industry will witness exponential growth. As per the recent research, India’s digital journey is improving significantly, and cloud and telecom players are adopting different strategies to capture a share of the growing sector. Therefore, the investment will mainly include new data Center Parks in the crucial metro cities.

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