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About Micro Data Center

As the name suggests the Micro Data Center, uses racks and smaller footprints. In some cases, Micro data centers are so small that they literally look like lockers of banks.

Micro Data Center also called modular data center or mini data center sometimes, is a small data center that work, stores, and network, provide data to every other connected computer, and also perform various other operations that are required for an assignment.

These Micro Data Centers are available as chassis-mounted units for use onboard a truck or as ready-to-deploy appliances, including IT equipment, through systems integration partners.

There are four types of micro data centers:

  • Mini Data Center-A micro data center (MDC) is a low-scale highly modular data center that includes all the compute, storage, networking, power, cooling, and other infrastructure in one place that required for a given workload.
  • Micro Mobile Data Center– The micro mobile data center is a self-contained infrastructural data center design that accumulate storage, processing, and networking that required to operate all the indoor and outdoor operations in a secure computing environment.
  • Prefabricated Data Center- Data center with its infrastructure units combined at the manufacturer site itself according to clients demands and reassembled in the field for immediate use. It is a pre-engineered and standardized solution with high system integration. 
  • Containerized / Modular Data Centers- A containerized data center is generally a small module or industrial container that’s packaged with ready-to-use, plug-and-play data center components: servers, storage, networking gear, UPS, generators, air conditioners, etc. The concept of a container/modular data center was first introduced only around 10-15 years ago, and it’s now widely being used now in temporary and permanent deployments generally placed in small area of organization.

What is the Future of Micro Datacenter?

The demand for micro data centers will increase rapidly because of immense advances in the IT and Telecom industry. The growth in these industries has to the expansion of Data centers worldwide. As things like online shopping, online banking, satellite navigation system, and smart tv increased the colocation data center have become much more popular. Thus it increases the demand for micro data centers.

As per the report, it is estimated that the demand for micro data centers will increase by more than 23%. 

What type of business requires a micro data center?

Data storage is something that is required by every business, irrespective of its size. Even small businesses create a lot of data- data that needs to be stored for many years and must have failsafe security. 

Every business or industry requires a micro data center because storing data in hard drives is not possible and it is not a long-lasting solution. A micro data center can solve a lot of problems for business owners. 

There was a time when small business owners had limited options for storing their data but as the technology advanced the demand for data centers increased not only big tech giants like Facebook, and Google but small businesses are also moving towards the data center. 

Data is an essential aspect of any business; thus, data centers are of high importance now.

What are the Benefits of having own Micro Data Center?

We all know that data centers are a powerhouse of business/industry and there are many different ways to get the service of a data center. The business can take help from a third party that provides data center services but it has its own drawback. 

But there are many perks of having your own data center some of them are mentioned below:

  • Control- When the business has its own data center the servers are completely under its control they do not have to depend on any other. The business can modify the system as per its convenience. The worker does not have to move toward the facility far away in order to do an upgrade of hardware or software or repair and for this, they do not have to rely on any third-party service. This ability to be flexible allows customization, for those systems that are big and complicated. Flexibility allows the business to adapt to any shifting of business or to new market demands.
  • Added Security- Nowadays in the business environment securing the data of the company and customer is a must. Transferring data storage to an internal server room ultimately returns control of any associated risk to the company. This type of security level reduces the headache for the company and it can also be used as a unique selling point. This type of inside security provides a benefit to in-house data center this will give confidence to vendors and other prospects, as compared to competitors’ business that outsources their data storage.
  • Flexibility- There is a misconception in companies about data centers that it requires a lot of room. In reality, the company requires space for racks and areas that can house these racks and can provide easy access to racks.
  • Cost Effective- the companies think that cost involved in infrastructure and maintenance of an on-site data center is high, but the cost of moving towards an off-site data center can be higher. Specifically when companies opt for colocation data centers, where they have to provide hardware and software, and these two major parts can be part of major spending.

What is the Cost to Setup your own Micro data center?

When we talk about data centers the one thing which comes into the mind of business is the “Cost”, of how much money it is going to cost to set up its own data center. The cost of setting up a data center consists of the cost of property, structure, servers, gear of networking, cooling system, power, and other needs of infrastructure. 

Installation of the small micro data center can cost around 400-500$ per sq. foot to construct, this is apart from the cost of land as land will cost you as per the location you choose. It takes around 12 to 24 months to construct a data center for single-tenant users. 

What are the components used in Micro Data Center?

A data center is not all about storing the data it consists of different types of components to complete one data center and we are mentioning those components below:

  1. Electrical And Power Solutions
  2. Cooling Solutions
  3. Ups Solutions
  4. Racks And Pdu
  5. Raised Flooring
  6. Dcim
  7. Server Room
  8. Fire Protection
  9. Cctv Monitoring
  10. Access Control
  11. Water Leakage Detector
  12. Air Purifier + Humidity Controller
  13. Internal Wiring & Drainage
  14. Rodent Protection

How Micro Data Center Works?

The working of Micro Data Center works depends upon particular parts like switch gear, server, power, cooling) installed.

In most cases of Micro data centers, they are preassembled which means, the equipment is already installed in the server racks. If there is any request then only the IT staff will install any extra components and then connect the network and power cable inside the micro data center. After that, IT will connect the micro data center to an already existing power source.

Things to keep in mind while setting up your own Micro Data Center

  • Floorspace- how much floorspace is required to set up the Micro data center, is the company analyzed to grow this over time, and is the cost of setting up a micro center inside the facility less than renting a data center afar.
  • Requirement of Power- The power requirement of a data center is quite huge and businesses need to take this into account while they are planning to set up the data center. They should have a sufficient power supply to keep the data center up and running. At no point, the power supply at the data center should be hindered otherwise it can cause a lot of damage to the data.
  • Cooling Requirements- Data center is not all about data it also consists of hardware that increases the heat inside the facility, so the heat produced inside of the facility needs to be eliminated. So, the facility must have an air cooler to keep the data center cool and remove the excess heat.
  • Space for Servers- The selection of server racks needs to be spot on as it will allow you to place the pieces of equipment properly, and it will also allow you to increase the space in near future.

How does Profile IT helps you in setting up your own Containerized Data Center?

Setting up a Containerized Data Center is not an easy task, and despite all the money, companies still require a team of experts that helps them in setting up the center. 

We at Profile IT help you set up your own containerized data center or say micro data center, now there are various stages of setting up a data center and that is how we do it:

  • Design and Deployment- When we design a data center it is not just efficient energy it is also efficient in space so that you have the luxury to increase your data center.
  • Cooling Solutions- As mentioned above hardware produce heat inside the facility and it is important to keep them under a certain temperature to remove the excess heat and downtime.
  • UPS Solution- One thing about servers is they require a flow of electricity all the time and downtime of servers can cost a company a lot, not just in money terms but it can really affect their data and name. We provide UPS solutions to keep the servers up and running.
  • Racks and PDU- The place in which servers are kept is known as Racks, we at Profile IT provide server sizing along with smart rack and networking.
  • Raised Flooring- A raised floor helps in extra space for storing and cooling.
  • DCIM- DCIM stands for Data Center Infrastructure Management, and our goal is to provide the data center’s administration with an integrated view of the performance of the data center so that types of equipment, power, and space can be used efficiently.
  • Containerized DC and DR-  Business changes quite rapidly and sometimes they have to change their location as well, with our containerized DC and DR the business won’t have to worry about their data. These containerized DC and DR are energy efficient and they also reduce infrastructure costs.
  • Server Room- What makes a data center a data center the answer is Servers. The data center provided by us is on-site with complete surveillance security. 
  • Data Center Park- There are some small businesses that do not have a place even for a micro data center, but still they can store their data on our Central Data hub center with maximum security and control.
  • Electrical and Power Solutions- Server downtime can prove expensive to businesses. so, in order to keep the servers up and running, we provide electrical and power solutions.


  • Can anyone apart from employees access the data center?

There is access control installed at data center, where administrator can assign who is allowed and who is not.

  • What is the minimum cost of setting up a Micro Data Center?

Cost of data center varying as per your company users and data size. You Can call us at 9871456429 and get estimation in 5-10 minutes.

  • Why does my business require a data center?

Any business can install a data center, if they love their data and want more than 99% uptime for their streamlined flow of their data  between them and their user,  it can be managed easily if it is installed with all standards measure set by reputed organization like Uptime.

  • Is it better to rent a data center or install a data center of my own?

Install a data center for your own is the best choice for any organization as no one can take care of your precious data than you. Just install a data center with all standard data center guidelines and your are good to go.

  • What happens when the data center loses power?

There are multiple preventive action are implemented to cope up with power loses like UPS, DG

We Offer a Wide
Variety of Micro Data Center Solutions

We advise the best solution for micro data center according to the size and usage of the data center.

Optimum Performance

Concerned about the DC's efficiency? We choose high-efficiency power systems and cooling solutions.

Redundant Systems

DC is created with redundancy in mind. This ensures that if the DC fails, it does not reduce the critical load.


The standardisation of hardware and software has an impact on how effective the DC is. This requires much planning.

Well connected systems

We link the data center to DCIM software, which is accessible and controlled from anywhere and on any device.

Benefits of Our Micro Data Center Solutions

Power Efficiency

Through strict guidelines and a monitoring process, our DC design eliminates uncertainty in power levels.

Optimal Resource Utilization

We design and build the DC to make the best use of resources such as space, money, and manpower.

Improves Efficiency

Continuous innovations are made to improve the operation of the DC and, as a result, the business's productivity.

Secured Data Storage

CCTV, access control, and biometrics solutions are used for 24-hour surveillance. Complete storage unit security.

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