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Data Center Construction Company

As we are moving more towards cloud technology, the word Data Center will be heard a lot, there are many big companies especially tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook also requires the help of data center. 

If you are an IT firm, it will be impossible for you to work without a data center and firstly it is important to know what data centers are and why they are so important.

What is a Data Center?

Datacenter refers to a facility used by organizations to store their important data and applications. The architecture of a data center is based on a network of computing and storage resources that allow for the delivery of shared data and applications.

The main elements of a data center are routers, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers.

Why do we require a Data Center?

Data management requires time, and it is very costly that is why companies prefer third-party to manage their data that are solely into data management. The data center supports all the computation, and data storage along with network and business applications for a firm. 

Types of Data Center:-

Different types of Data centers construction on the basis of design:-

  • Enterprise data centers- Enterprise data centers are built and possessed by the organizations for internal end users. These data centers support operations of IT and critical applications of a single organization and they can be located both on-site and off-site.
  • Managed Services data centers- these are managed by third parties and these types of data centers provide all types of services like data storage and computing services, in managed services data center companies do not own the center in fact they lease the infrastructure or services.
  • Cloud-based data centers- the cloud-based data centers are managed either by third parties or by public cloud providers an example of this is amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, or Google cloud. 
  • Colocation data centers- Third parties own these rental spaces within colocation facilities. The hardware is provided by the renting organization, and the infrastructure, including physical space, bandwidth, cooling, and security systems, is provided and managed by the data center. Organizations that want to avoid the large capital expenditures associated with building and maintaining their own data centers find colocation appealing.
  • Edge/Micro Data Centers- These kind of data centers are generally small in size and located near the people they serve to handle real-time data processing, analysis and action, making low-latency communication with smart devices possible. By processing data services as close to end users as possible, edge data centers allow organizations to reduce communication delay and improve the customer experience.

Classification of Data centers construction on the basis of Tier Ratings/ Standards:-

  • Tier I Data Center (Basic capacity)
  • Tier II Data Center (Redundant capacity components)
  • Tier III Data Center (Concurrently Maintainable)
  • Tier IV Data Center (Fault Tolerance)
Tier 1 Datacenter Specifications:
  • It provides a single path for Power and Cooling
  • Non-redundant Capacity components (Single uplink and servers)
  • Provides 99.671% availability
  • 28.8 hours of downtime annually
Tier 2 Data Center Specifications:
  • A single path for power and cooling distribution
  • Redundant Capacity Components
  • Provides 99.741% availability
  • 22 hours of downtime annually
Tier 3 Data Center Specification:
  • Provides 99.982% availability
  • 1.6 hours of downtime annually (not more than this)
  • Composed of multiple paths for power and cooling distribution.
  • N+1 fault-tolerance with at least 72-hour power outage protection
Tier 4 Specifications:
  • Provides 99.995% availability
  • 26.3 minutes of downtime annually
  • Composed of multiple power and cooling distribution paths.
  • 2N+1 Fault tolerance with at least 96-hour power outage protection (the main difference between Tier 3 data center and Tier 4)
  • Zero single points of Failure

Importance of Data Center for your business

Data centers are planned to support business applications and activities that involve:

  • Email and sharing of files
  • Productivity applications
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) 
  • AI, machine learning

How Data Center Can help your business

In the IT world, data centers came as the powerhouse, as technology kept on evolving, thus it became necessary for the organization to change the way of their working, and the requirement for data and power increases significantly. And for small organizations, this increase in resources can become too much to handle internally, and with their current infrastructure, a high amount of hours are required to keep up with this high demand. The use of data centers allows the organization to outsource its power need.

Organizations get benefitted from a data center in a different form, as it allows organizations to focus on their customers instead of maintaining their technology.

How Profile It help you in Data Center Construction for your company?

Building a Data Center is not an easy task, and despite all the money, companies still require a team of experts that helps them in setting up the center. We at Profile IT help you building your own data center for your company, Now there are various stages of data center construction and that is how we do it:

  • Design and Deployment- When we design a data center it is not just efficient energy it is also efficient in space so that you have the luxury to increase your data center.
  • Cooling Solutions- As mentioned above hardware produce heat inside the facility and it is important to keep them under a certain temperature to remove the excess heat and downtime.
  • UPS Solution- One thing about servers is they require a flow of electricity all the time and downtime of servers can cost a company a lot, not just in money terms but it can really affect their data and name. We provide UPS solutions to keep the servers up and running.
  • Racks and PDU- The place in which servers are kept is known as Racks, we at Profile IT provide server sizing along with smart rack and networking.
  • Raised Flooring- A raised floor helps in extra space for storing and cooling.
  • DCIM- DCIM stands for Data Center Infrastructure Management, and our goal is to provide the data center’s administration with an integrated view of the performance of the data center so that types of equipment, power, and space can be used efficiently.
  • Containerized DC and DR-  Business changes quite rapidly and sometimes they have to change their location as well, with our containerized DC and DR the business won’t have to worry about their data. These containerized DC and DR are energy efficient and they also reduce infrastructure costs.
  • Server Room- What makes a data center a data center the answer is Servers. The data center provided by us is on-site with complete surveillance security. 
  • Data Center Park- There are some small businesses that do not have a place even for a micro data center, but still they can store their data on our Central Data hub center with maximum security and control.
  • Electrical and Power Solutions- Server downtime can prove expensive to businesses. so, in order to keep the servers up and running, we provide electrical and power solutions.

Some of the benefits of data centers are mentioned below:

  • All-time access- When the organization installs a data center of their own they will get access 24/7, as compared to having a data center off-site where they have limited access to servers stacks and locked out risk is involved in case of an emergency. But when an organization has a local data center they can access stacks, hardware and data anytime they want. 
  • Check on Security- Security is a big concern for data centers and with colocation data centers this problem eases out to a great extent, as because the facility is either a few hours away or it is inside the organization thus keeping an eye on security becomes a lot easier. With colocation data centers you can use key cards or biometric features to get access to servers. And inside the facility, you can plant security cameras to make sure that data is not being tampered with.
  • Eyes on Redundancies- Hardware nowadays requires cooling (HVAC) along with conditioned power, backup generators, and a proper security system, and every one of these must-have back-ups in case of power failure. Colocation facilities are built especially to meet all these requirements and they are monitored by professionals who are trained to maintain these kinds of facilities. Using a colocation data center can save a large chunk of money for your business, as when the facility is nearby keeping an eye on the system become easy and you failsafe backups. 
  • Face-to-Face Meeting- The staff of your data center will be able to provide you a live customer service whenever you require it, they will also monitor the servers of the data center and will use their expertise to make sure that everything is fine within the facility. They will assess and will make changes when required, correct and up-to-date certification will also be maintained by them in order to make sure that the facility’s security is thorough. When the data center is far away making sure all of this becomes a little difficult because you cannot keep up with them on regular basis and you will be seeing the maintenance staff once a week or two.
  • Local Network- When your colocation provider is local the working becomes smooth and efficient. Download, upload, and recovery become fast and easier for the organization. This is because you are on one dedicated network and you do not have to send the data around the world and not share the bandwidth of an entire internet before it makes its way into your servers.
  • Knows your people- Another benefit of having a colocation data center is you always know to whom to turn when a problem arrives. Problems with cloud storage can be solved over a phone call and one thing with local colocation is that the team will be smaller thus greater accountability with lots of experience among the staff. 

We Offer a Wide
Variety of Data Center Solutions

We advise the best solution for Data Center according to the size and usage of the data center.

Optimum Performance

Concerned about the DC's efficiency? We choose high-efficiency power systems and cooling solutions.

Redundant Systems

DC is created with redundancy in mind. This ensures that if the Edge DC fails, it does not reduce the critical load.


The standardisation of hardware and software has an impact on how effective the DC is. This requires much planning.

Well connected systems

We link the Data center to DCIM software, which is accessible and controlled from anywhere and on any device.

Benefits of Our Data Center Solutions

Power Efficiency

Through strict guidelines and a monitoring process, our edge DC design eliminates uncertainty in power levels.

Optimal Resource Utilization

We design and build the Edge DC to make the best use of resources such as space, money, and manpower.

Improves Efficiency

Continuous innovations are made to improve the operation of the Edge DC and, as a result, the business's productivity.

Secured Data Storage

CCTV, access control, and biometrics solutions are used for 24-hour surveillance. Complete storage unit security.

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