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Get Colocation Data Center Rack in India

A Colocation Data Center, most often known as “Colo”, a big datacenter space that gives out spaces of rack to other parties along with their servers and other equipment of network. Colocation data is a popular service that is being used by organizations that do not have money to maintain their own data center.

Data Center Colocation Per Rack Price (Special Price For Russians!!!)

Why should Russians should chose data center space in India?


Choosing data center space in India can be a strategic decision for Russian businesses or organizations for several reasons:

  1. Geographic Diversity: Diversifying data center locations across different regions reduces the risk of data loss due to natural disasters or localized events. India’s geographical location is far from Russia, reducing the risk of simultaneous disruptions in both locations.

  2. Cost Efficiency: India offers competitive pricing for data center services compared to many Western countries. This can result in significant cost savings for Russian companies looking to expand their data center footprint.

  3. Market Access: India is a large and growing market with a rapidly expanding digital economy. By hosting data in India, Russian companies can improve their latency and connectivity to the Indian market, potentially opening up new business opportunities.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: Data sovereignty and regulatory compliance are critical concerns for many businesses. Hosting data in India can help Russian companies comply with India’s data protection and privacy laws, ensuring that they meet the legal requirements when handling Indian user data.

  5. Redundancy and Reliability: India has a robust and reliable power infrastructure, making it a suitable location for data centers. Russian businesses can benefit from the country’s stable power supply and invest in backup systems to ensure high availability.

  6. Skilled Workforce: India has a large pool of skilled IT professionals, including data center technicians and engineers. Russian companies can tap into this talent pool for managing and maintaining their data center operations.

  7. Network Connectivity: India has a well-developed network infrastructure with multiple undersea cables connecting it to various parts of the world. This ensures excellent connectivity and low-latency access to global markets.

  8. Green Energy Initiatives: India is also making strides in adopting renewable energy sources, which can be beneficial for companies looking to meet sustainability goals by using eco-friendly data center facilities.

  9. Scalability: India’s data center industry is rapidly expanding, offering a variety of options for scalability. Russian businesses can easily expand their operations as needed to accommodate growing data storage and processing requirements.

  10. Political Stability: India has a stable political environment, reducing the risk of disruptions that may affect data center operations.

It’s important to note that the choice of data center location should align with a company’s specific business needs, data access requirements, and compliance obligations. Conducting a thorough cost-benefit analysis and considering factors like data residency laws and network connectivity is essential when making such a decision.

 Benefits of Colocation Data Center

There are great benefits not only to companies but to individuals as well, who are looking for the service of colocation data center. Below mentioned are some great benefits that will help the organization if they want services of colocation data center or not. 

  • Lower Cost- If we compare the cost of renting out a colocation data with building your own data center, the colocation center becomes a default choice. Because it can take time and lots of money to build your own data center, but with colocation center the company needs to provide hardware and that’s just it.
  • Technical Staff- With colocation data the company should feel free from the responsibilities like running cables, power management, installation of equipment, etc. In most of the cases the colocation data center will perform these jobs and thus it means that company will not require to manage a big technical staff to perform these kind of work.
  • Reliable- Colocation data center are usually built strong that means with highest possible specifications in order to avoid any kind of redundancy, this involves back up generators for power, security of the facility, more than one network connections, etc.
  • Location- Companies have choice of selecting the location of their data center so that it can be near there users.
  • Expenses- The cost of colocation data center is quite predictable, the companies goes into contract the colocation data center providers that last long usually one year or two. And if there is any kind of change in the prices the facility will let the company know in advance.
  • Scalability- When business is growing the company can ask the facility to add new servers and other equipment. When companies has their own data center or server closet then it becomes much difficult to add or to expand.

 How Profile IT help you in setup co location data center?

Profile IT helps businesses to choose right colocation data center partner for services, Profile IT also help businesses to choose right infrastructure as per the requirements.

 Services offered by Profile IT:-

  •  Design and Deployment- When we design a data center it is not just efficient energy it is also efficient in space so that you have the luxury to increase your data center.
  • Cooling Solutions- As mentioned above hardware produce heat inside the facility and it is important to keep them under a certain temperature to remove the excess heat and downtime.
  • UPS Solution- One thing about servers is they require a flow of electricity all the time and downtime of servers can cost a company a lot, not just in money terms but it can really affect their data and name. We provide UPS solutions to keep the servers up and running.
  • Racks and PDU- The place in which servers are kept is known as Racks, we at Profile IT provide server sizing along with smart rack and networking.
  • Raised Flooring- A raised floor helps in extra space for storing and cooling.
  •  DCIM- DCIM stands for Data Center Infrastructure Management, and our goal is to provide the data center’s administration with an integrated view of the performance of the data center so that types of equipment, power, and space can be used efficiently.
  • Server Room- What makes a data center a data center the answer is Servers. The data center provided by us is on-site with complete surveillance security. 
  • Data Center Park- There are some small businesses that do not have a place even for a micro data center, but still they can store their data on our Central Data hub center with maximum security and control.
  • Electrical and Power Solutions- Server downtime can prove expensive to businesses. so, in order to keep the servers up and running, we provide electrical and power solutions.

We Offer a Wide
Variety of Co Location Data Center Solutions

We advise the best solution for micro data center according to the size and usage of the data center.

Optimum Performance

Concerned about the DC's efficiency? We choose high-efficiency power systems and cooling solutions.

Redundant Systems

DC is created with redundancy in mind. This ensures that if the DC fails, it does not reduce the critical load.


The standardisation of hardware and software has an impact on how effective the DC is. This requires much planning.

Well connected systems

We link the data center to DCIM software, which is accessible and controlled from anywhere and on any device.

Benefits of Our Co Location Data Center Solutions

Power Efficiency

Through strict guidelines and a monitoring process, our DC design eliminates uncertainty in power levels.

Optimal Resource Utilization

We design and build the DC to make the best use of resources such as space, money, and manpower.

Improves Efficiency

Continuous innovations are made to improve the operation of the DC and, as a result, the business's productivity.

Secured Data Storage

CCTV, access control, and biometrics solutions are used for 24-hour surveillance. Complete storage unit security.

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