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Edge Data Center

5G Enabled Data Center

5G is the latest generation of wireless technology, offering higher data transfer speeds, lower latency, and increased network capacity compared to previous generations. A 5G-enabled data center refers to a data center facility that is equipped with 5G connectivity capabilities, allowing it to leverage the benefits of 5G technology. 

Here are some key aspects of a 5G-enabled data center:

  1. High-Speed Connectivity: 5G provides significantly faster wireless connectivity compared to previous generations of mobile networks. With 5G, data centers can achieve ultra-low latency and high bandwidth connectivity, enabling faster and more responsive data transfer between the data center and connected devices.

  2. Edge Computing Capabilities: 5G-enabled data centers can take advantage of edge computing. Edge computing involves processing and analyzing data closer to the source or end-user devices, reducing the latency associated with sending data to a remote data center. By deploying edge computing infrastructure, data centers can support real-time applications and services that require low latency, such as autonomous vehicles, virtual reality (VR), and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

  3. Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility: 5G technology enables greater scalability and flexibility for data centers. It allows data centers to handle a massive number of simultaneous connections, supporting the increasing demand for connected devices and data-intensive applications. This scalability is particularly crucial as data centers need to accommodate the growth of IoT devices and edge computing deployments.

  4. Improved Mobile Workforce Connectivity: With 5G-enabled data centers, organizations can provide enhanced connectivity for their mobile workforce. Employees can access data center resources and applications with high speed and reliability from remote locations, enabling greater productivity and collaboration.

  5. Internet of Things (IoT) Enablement: 5G plays a crucial role in supporting IoT deployments by providing a robust and reliable network infrastructure. A 5G-enabled data center can efficiently handle the massive amounts of data generated by IoT devices and support real-time analytics and decision-making.

  6. Network Slicing: 5G supports network slicing, which allows the division of a physical network into multiple virtual networks. This capability enables data centers to allocate specific network resources and quality of service (QoS) parameters to different applications and services, ensuring optimal performance and tailored connectivity for diverse use cases.

Implementing a 5G-enabled data center requires infrastructure upgrades, including the deployment of 5G base stations or small cells, as well as the integration of 5G network connectivity into the data center architecture. This enables the data center to leverage the benefits of 5G technology, such as high-speed connectivity, low latency, edge computing, and support for IoT and mobile applications.

Building an 5G Enabled Data Center for your Business

Building an 5G Enabled data center for your business requires lots of planning and preparation, in order to make sure that it delivers necessary goals. Now if your business wants to build an edge data center, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind.

The checklist before planning an 5G Enabled data center is mentioned below.

  1. Location– Location means a geographic area where an organization tends to build 5G Enabled data centers. The first step for an organization is to pin down a place that satisfies all requirements for a data center.
  2. Power– Planning for power is one of the main aspects of a data center, for today and for the future, an 5G Enabled data center should always have the power to keep it up and running and must have back-up in case of power loss.
  3. Heating and Cooling– For successful working of an 5G Enabled data center, heating, venting, and air conditioning (HVAC) are important aspects. Almost 50% of the energy used by the data center is consumed by the HVAC, thus it makes the operation as efficient as possible.
  4. Design– Planning of infrastructure for a Data center is one crucial aspect because if there is a flaw in the design of the data center then it won’t work to its full potential and thus can it can affect the flow of data.
  5. Physical Layer Infrastructure– To get the maximum output from cloud computing in that case software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), the physical layer of the edge data center should need to be examined.

How Profile IT Solutions help your business to build own 5G Enabled Data Center?

Setting up a 5G Enabled Data Center is not an easy task, and despite all the money, companies still require a team of experts that helps them in setting up the center. 

We at Profile IT help you set up your own 5G Enabled data center now there are various stages of setting up a 5G Enabled data center and that is how we do it:

  • Design and Deployment- When we design a data center it is not just efficient energy it is also efficient in space so that you have the luxury to increase your data center.
  • Cooling Solutions- As mentioned above hardware produce heat inside the facility and it is important to keep them under a certain temperature to remove the excess heat and downtime.
  • UPS Solution- One thing about servers is they require a flow of electricity all the time and downtime of servers can cost a company a lot, not just in money terms but it can really affect their data and name. We provide UPS solutions to keep the servers up and running.
  • Racks and PDU- The place in which servers are kept is known as Racks, we at Profile IT provide server sizing along with smart rack and networking.
  • Raised Flooring- A raised floor helps in extra space for storing and cooling.
  • DCIM- DCIM stands for Data Center Infrastructure Management, and our goal is to provide the data center’s administration with an integrated view of the performance of the data center so that types of equipment, power, and space can be used efficiently.
  • Containerized DC and DR-  Business changes quite rapidly and sometimes they have to change their location as well, with our containerized DC and DR the business won’t have to worry about their data. These containerized DC and DR are energy efficient and they also reduce infrastructure costs.
  • Server Room- What makes a data center a data center the answer is Servers. The data center provided by us is on-site with complete surveillance security. 
  • Data Center Park- There are some small businesses that do not have a place even for a micro data center, but still they can store their data on our Central Data hub center with maximum security and control.
  • Electrical and Power Solutions- Server downtime can prove expensive to businesses. so, in order to keep the servers up and running, we provide electrical and power solutions.

We Offer a Wide
Variety of 5G Enabled Data Center Solutions

We advise the best solution for 5G Enabled data center according to the size and usage of the data center.

Optimum Performance

Concerned about the DC's efficiency? We choose high-efficiency power systems and cooling solutions.

Redundant Systems

DC is created with redundancy in mind. This ensures that if the DC fails, it does not reduce the critical load.


The standardisation of hardware and software has an impact on how effective the DC is. This requires much planning.

Well connected systems

We link the Data center to DCIM software, which is accessible and controlled from anywhere and on any device.

Benefits of Our 5G Enabled Data Center Solutions

Power Efficiency

Through strict guidelines and a monitoring process, our DC design eliminates uncertainty in power levels.

Optimal Resource Utilization

We design and build the DC to make the best use of resources such as space, money, and manpower.

Improves Efficiency

Continuous innovations are made to improve the operation of the DC and, as a result, the business's productivity.

Secured Data Storage

CCTV, access control, and biometrics solutions are used for 24-hour surveillance. Complete storage unit security.

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